Smart Wi-Fi PIR Motion Sensor Human Detector - Battery

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Smart Wi-Fi PIR Motion Sensor Human Detector Smart Life Tuya App Control Alarm System Smart Body Movement Sensor

by Moes

Main Features:

1. Smart Home Automation: A really good assistant for your smart house, no more worry about the invasion by external objects or strangers, protecting your home and valuables from unnecessary danger. It detects the movement of people and animals that around the sensor, providing timely notifications when you are not at home, even you are on holidays. (Note: Choose settings tap on top right corner on the Smart Life App and turn on the push notification.)

2. Real-time remote monitoring: Whenever and wherever you are, Once PIR detect people or animals are moving, and you will receive a notification by smartphone. Keep your house safe all the time.

3. Linkage device: Connect smart motion sensor with smart switch. When you get up at night, and PIR detect people movement, then the bedroom lights. (Note: Achieve the linkage function, you need to have other smart device except this smart motion sensor)

4. Easy to operate: No hub required, and simple download the "Smart-life" app on iOS and Android.

5. Long standby battery: Powered by 3pcs 1.5V batteries (not included) can last for 5-6 months for ultra-long standby time.


Battery: AAA1.5V*3

Standby Current: 20uA

Standby Time: 1 year

Standby Mode: 5 months (15 times/day)

Trigger: one time every two minutes

Echo Mode: 5 months (15 times/day)

Trigger one time every four minutes.

Sensitive Distance: 5m

Sensitive Angle: 120°

Wireless type: 2.4GHz

Protocol: IEEE 802.1 1b/g/n

Wireless Range: 45m

Operating Temperature: - 30℃~70℃ (-80℉~158℉)

Operating Humidity: 20%~85%

Storage Temperature: -40℃~80℃ (-104℉~176℉)

Storage Humidity:0%~90%

Size:65mm x 65mm x 30mm

Package Listing:

1 x Motion Sensor

1 x Bag of mounting accessories

1 x Instruction manual (English)